February 2016

Royal Bali Celadon







Royal Bali Celadon is a leading professional ceramic producer with an extensive and constantly growing range of designs.

Royal Bali Celadon specializes in producing handmade ceramics that are finely detailed with individual characteristics that distinguish quality.

By celebrating the aesthetic qualities of stoneware and fine craft skills, Royal Bali Celadon is laboratory for experimentation and new techniques. Technical excellence is combined with artistic flair in creating handmade reproducible items with unique qualities. We have established long term relationships with clients in many countries including Japan, USA and Europe.

Royal Bali Celadon has developed its fine reputation from export clients from being a reliable supplier of excellent quality products.

Royal Bali Celadon continues to develop new designs to meet and satisfy customer requirements and respond to the market changes and opportunities.

Our best advice, service and attention to our customer requirements is achieved working with our team or experienced and talented staff. Our company is well known for its credibility, high quality, exquisite workmanship and variety of products winning high praises and awards in the fine craft industry. It is our principle that clients needs come first. Quality and Credibility are the life of the company. We deeply believe that with our experience, we will assist you to bring your ideas to reality.

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