March 2017

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Tai Wah Distributors Pte Ltd has been serving professional hairdressers and beauty therapists for the past many decades and thus, We understand the needs of these people.

TUFT was created to provide innovative machines and tools for the hairdressers and beauty therapists using the latest technologies available.

We have achieved a series of industry milestones, revolutionizing the hairdressing industry with our “PCB hairdryer” – the world’s first free voltage hairdryer with infrared light and an ion generator that is defined as an breakthrough for hairdryers. We strive to be innovative and constantly keep pace with technological advances.

TUFT has developed over years (working closely with the hairdressers, beauty therapists and our distributors worldwide) a comprehensive range of machines, tools and accessories to serve the needs of hairdressers and beauty therapists.

TUFT the choice for professionals and consumers

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