September 2013

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Ballistic Off Road Wheels proudly manufacturers the most sought after wheels available for your truck Jeep, SUV or 4×4.  Ballistic Off Road Wheels was born out of a need for a complete no-nonsense offroad wheel line with strong styling appeal, bold character, and solid functionality that hadn’t previously been offered from one solitary manufacturer.  As a result, Ballistic Off Road Wheels opened up a wide trend now followed by many in the ever growing segment of offroad and 4×4.

Our proprietary manufacturing process yields one of the strongest wheels on the market, and the outcome is solid functionality with massive aesthetic appeal.   We take great care in delivering a quality that is claimed by many, but proven by few!  Ballistic Off Road Wheels are specifically designed with a broad array of vehicle fitments in mind.  Whether it be a stock truck, leveled out rig or full bore 4×4, we have a wheel carefully engineered for you!

Ballistic Off Road Wheels continues to lead the market with patented industry leading designs that continue to meet the needs of the most discriminating customers.  We look forward to seeing you on a set of Ballistic Off Road wheels soon!

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